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Dental & Orthodontic Emergencies
Appleton, WI

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergency services at Dental Haven in Appleton, WIIf you have never suffered a dental emergency, consider yourself lucky. If you should suffer one, however, you should know what to do. The actions you take immediately following the emergency could mean the difference between a minor repair and one that is very serious, resulting in permanent loss of your tooth or worse!

What if my child knocks a tooth out?

Accidents happen. The important thing is to remain calm. If a tooth gets knocked out, the way you react can make a big difference. If the tooth is permanent, the roots may come out as well. If possible, find the tooth right away. Try to place the tooth back in the hole by holding the top part of the tooth (do not do this with a baby tooth as you could damage the permanent tooth below). Do not touch the roots. Place clean gauze or cloth over the injured tooth and have your child bite down. If this is not possible, place the tooth in milk or water and call Dr. Gonzo immediately. The shorter the period of time between the tooth being knocked out and reinsertion, the greater the chance of saving the tooth. Even if the tooth is a baby tooth, you will want your child to see Dr. Gonzo in the near future so that the space can be maintained for the future permanent tooth that will one day fill that spot. Call us at (920) 939-7150 with any dental emergencies, questions, or concerns.

Emergency Orthodontic Care

Most issues that involve braces or some other orthodontic device will not be so serious that they qualify as an emergency. At Dental Haven, we care about your health and want you to call us immediately if you experience an injury involving your braces or orthodontic appliance. Below you will find descriptions of common issues that orthodontic patients typically experience.

Traumatic Injury
When you experience trauma to the mouth and feel that emergency care is needed, please call us at (920) 939-7150 immediately. If you can’t get hold of us, please don’t hesitate to call 911. We will make every effort to see you same-day as we always set aside some time every day for emergency issues.

Soreness Caused by Braces
It’s completely normal to experience soreness and irritation for a few days after braces have been placed and after they have been adjusted. Soreness is not an emergency, but we understand that it can be uncomfortable. We recommend a low dosage of painkillers like Ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help relieve discomfort. Being careful with foods during times of sensitivity can help to reduce discomfort as well. Sticking to soft foods like soup, stews, gelatin, and mac and cheese can help a lot.

What to Do If Your Braces Break
Braces are made to withstand the intense forces of chewing food, but now and then you might experience some part of your braces coming undone. This is nothing to worry about, and it’s not an emergency as most issues can be easily fixed with a trip to our office.

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