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Sedation for Kids

Kids that have anxiety about going to the dentist can be put to ease with dental sedation.For children with a high level of anxiety, those that have quite a bit of treatment to complete, or for those with special needs, sedation dentistry can assist families in ensuring their children have the oral care they need in a comfortable environment free of emotional or psychological trauma.

At Dental Haven, Dr. Gonzo and his well trained staff offer oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia at the local hospitals for their patients.

Sedation Instructions

Oral Conscious Sedation

When children need oral conscious sedation, it is extremely important to follow all guidelines and instructions that are given to you regarding the day of the appointment. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (920) 739-6808.

The medicine your child will take will help lower their inhibitions and may make them sleep, although they are not intended to put your child to sleep. The sedation medicines may have a slight amnesia effect. We talk very positively around your child during their appointment so that if they remember anything, it will be a good, happy feeling.

Hospital Dentistry

For children who have a large amount of dental decay or infection present in their mouths and who would benefit the most from getting all of the work done in one visit, general anesthesia is an option that Dental Haven provides. Dr. Gonzo and his staff work with a team of physicians in the local hospital settings to ensure maximum safety for the child during their dental rehabilitation appointment. The anesthesiologist will be constantly monitoring their progress throughout the dental appointment, making any corrections or handling any concerns that may arise.

We will work with you to help you coordinate all the pieces of the puzzle that make hospital dentistry an option for your child.

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