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Why You Need To Tell Our Dentist About All Your Medications

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Dental Haven
Photo medication being held by doctor of a patient at Dental Haven in Appleton, WIYou may think that your yearly conversations with your general practitioner are all of the medication conversations you need to have. However, the medication you take every day, whether it is over the counter or a prescription, can affect your oral health. Here are some reasons why you need to share your medication list with our dentist.

Prescription Medications

The most important prescription you need to tell our dentist about is blood thinners. If you are taking blood thinners, the dentist may need to take extra precautions before you have dental procedures. Blood thinners are great for your heart or clotting issues, but they may make it more difficult for you to heal after a dental procedure.

Also, there are medications that can cause issues with tooth discoloration, such as some types of antibiotics and medication for chemotherapy. Our dentist needs to be advised ahead of time if you are undergoing chemotherapy or you are taking antibiotics long-term.

Other prescription medications that can cause trouble for your teeth and gums are because they have a tendency to dry out your mouth, which cuts down on saliva production. Your saliva helps to wash out bacteria, which aids your teeth and gums and keeps them disease-free. If you take blood pressure medication, medication for anxiety or depression, anti-nausea medication, or medication for allergies or asthma, that may be the cause of your dry mouth, so be sure and let our dentist know.

Do Not Forget Your Over-The-Counter Medications

You may not think about over-the-counter medications that you take all of the time, but they can affect your oral health as well. Medications for allergies or asthma that are over-the-counter can cause the same dry mouth as prescription medications can.

No matter what kind of medication you take, it is always best to be safe and advise our office so that we can be as prepared as possible for your visit. Need some help figuring out about your medication list and whether you need to write them down for us? Let us schedule an appointment for you today!

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